Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the sun is out, the birds are singing

It's a lovely day in Minneapolis (no joke).

The sun is shining and there are birds chirping away.

But, I'm inside for at least the next 2hours or so which means the internet has my attention.

Someone pointed me to this site: www.newseum.org
and I'm still digging through the "freebies" on it. Newseum is a Washington D.C. museum that has a lot of interactive pieces hosted in their directories such as: Commissar Vanishes

and this treasury: of all their past online exhibits!

I could do to have access to all of the museum's content. Then I could search it a bit more easily other than "e-happenstance" browsing.

It sure would beat out strolling through a glowing gift shop just to see some bottle caps...

I'd be interested in seeing just how well Newseum does online (admittedly not taking the time right now to e-search what affiliations they have).

For the moment though, I do like the idea. Some of the videos seem good enough to be comparable to TED talks and the interactive exhibit tidbits I've gotten to sift through are better than a lot of the interactive exhibit sites that seem to take their queues from Geocities and Angelfire circa 1996.

By the way if you didn't know: I think that shit is dead now?

Either way, definitely worth a look.

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