Monday, February 15, 2010

ah Google, you missed something/it's not you, it's me...

So, I decided to try out yet another application: "digital friend and social activity replacement" or social networking app...

I admittedly am not the current target market for Google's current plans as it seeks to find more and more outlets it sees as deserving of being dominated. I have a few Gmail accounts, but none of them have ever been my main account. I must say, with not only the cost of file hosting but also free file hosting sites (, rapidshare etc.) the purported vastness of the Gmail account's file size allowance doesn't give me any reason to switch to using it on a continual basis. I have enough ways to keep in contact as it is without giving every person with a Gmail account the ability to bother me in multiple different ways.

I started playing with Buzz to satisfy the "having to be in the KNOW" aspect of my academic major as well as my position based on current social caste trends (I honestly don't have time to PhotoShop a box of Nerds into Ghandi's hand at the moment, but that image by itself may warrant a post edit later on).

To pay myself on the back I do catch a lot of details...but the humor in the form of a black and white web comic from summed it up best in what can only be described as an info-graphic combined with humor. Be sure to click the link for the comic's full hilarity.

You can also peek at the edits people have been creating thus far at the corresponding Facebook:

For someone like me interested in using the creation of propaganda, disinformation, and re-appropriation in my artwork as well as others doing the same, there is a lot of potential in this. We don't need do listen to your G-BUZZ, but we can edit it for purposes of hilarity and/or conquest goals across varying facets.

A few examples:

jimmygmail: "I just had some great homemade ravioli! It's worth it to spend a Sunday rolling out dough for the end result! I went and got supplies at the this great corner store down the street from my new place (insert Google maps via Buzz)"


jimmygmail: "I just had delicious, high quality Kraft Macaroni and Cheese! It took me less than 10 minutes to make and now I have all day to check my Buzz account! Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is also on sale right now at Ralph's on Sunset Blvd! Where No Prices Are, No Prices Are Lower Than Ralph's!"

margogmail: "Phil and I are finally pregnant! I can't wait to bring this new baby into our lives!"


margogmail: "Phil and I are pregnant but I'm considering having an abortion right now because I don't believe that life is sacred or in the light of the True Lord.




Hopefully, the social engineering potential doesn't change once Google realizes the implications of their mistake.